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BOPLASS works through advisory groups made up of representatives of the different councils interested in a particular service. Each group is service specific; the participants initially decide the scope of the project and the desired outcomes and work collaboratively to achieve them. This enables us to benefit from the expert knowledge of staff and involve them in the process.

BOPLASS assists with facilitation and also provides a legal entity, representative of all the councils, able to enter into contracts and agreements with the councils and/or external suppliers. An important requirement for BOPLASS is that it adds value to the process.

The exact form of the agreements will depend on the particular service and BOPLASS may include options to customise arrangements to get the best solution.

These include:

Facilitation - BOPLASS assist with negotiations and arranges for direct charges back to councils

Shared cost - an agreement with the supplier as to specification, support and prices etc with a supporting agreement from involved councils as to payment. BOPLASS pays the supplier and invoices councils for their share on an agreed basis

Shared equity – where there is a specific need to recognise individual equity of councils owning a share of an asset BOPLASS can set up a specific shareholding arrangement for shares called “B” shares. These are non voting shares which recognise the capital value of the asset and shares can be apportioned on the basis of each council’s contribution.

Subsidiary Company - in the case of a significant activity requiring particular governance skills and/or involvement of joint venture partners, a subsidiary company could be set up. This is likely to be the least favoured option unless there is significant justification.

What is the approval process?

The initial approach can come from any council.

The directors will consider whether the proposed project is one that BOPLASS can support.

The advisory committee will investigate and where appropriate prepare an implementation plan.

The final proposal is signed off by each council wishing to participate and by the BOPLASS directors.


Shareholding Councils and Current Directors

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Miriam Taris

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Fiona McTavish

Kawerau District Council

Russell George

Rotorua Lakes Council

Geoff Williams

Opotiki District Council

Aileen Lawrie

Taupo District Council

Gareth Green

Tauranga City Council

Marty Grenfell

Whakatane District Council

Awaiting appointment

Gisborne District Council

Nedine Thatcher-Swann

Independent Director

Craig O'Connell